Monday, 4 June 2012

The wings of procrastination

The morning came and went in the wings of procrastination. ”If I don’t go to gym I can sleep for 20 minutes longer. (Snooze!)” Now that I have rested and “broken fast” (I got that one from Game of Thrones), I can enjoy the conference fully.

Soon I will get to see the Skype keynote and see how things are done here in Tallinn. It has come to my attention that this is the first Nordic testing days –conference. The facilitation has been awesome here and hopefully the content is as good as the facilities. Stay tuned 'cause I'll be updating the  blog throughout the session.

-         - Pekka at 8:55 waiting for the conference to start.


Anonymous said...

Looking forward for the updates. Any links on slides or videos also appreciated. Also mentioning the added blog posts on Twitter would be nice.

Pekka Marjamäki said...

Hi, Aleksis.

Now that I have returned from my voyage to the land of testing (that is Tallinn although it's a real AND beautiful AND has great testers!) I have the time to start writing about my experiences. I will try tackle things chronologically, if possible. You should check out the Testing at Skype -track by Tiit Paananen to see the mind map I created from the session. I will be adding those mind maps freely downloadable from the as soon as possible.

BR, Peksi